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Personal Training in Leicestershire and Rutland

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Personal Training:

this will focus on returning to a functionally fit you, which gives greater energy, drive and enthusiasm for life, incorporating the aspects of fitness and health pertinent to your needs, with exercise sessions taking place within an environment of your choice. Your Personal Trainer will allow you to make significant lifestyle adjustment which will generate lifestyle changes which you can implement from now on, whether they are weight loss, strength improvements or sports specific improvements. 

During the initial free consultation process we will go through your health questionnaire outlining your individual requirements and goals.
Also during this session your trainer will discuss and analyse your body statistics including Blood Pressure, Peak Flow, Body Weight, Body Fat and BMI before taking vital body measurements. 

Your program will be written for you based on these results and will be updated as you start to achieve your goals and improve your fitness levels.

You will also be given your food diary for completion to allow us to analyse your nutritional intake prior to giving you a plan to follow to assist your progress to feeling energized and full of confidence.
 Free Consultation

We offer an initial free consultation to establish your overall fitness and health before recommending a fitness roadmap individually tailored around your goals, availability and lifestyle.
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Feeling sluggish after a heavy weekend? Why not join our Bootcamp Monday evening session and re-energise yourself.
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