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Elain Crewe - Personal Trainer

Elain CreweElain Crewe

Nutrition and Fitness Trainer

Elain is passionate about the impact a healthy, active lifestyle and balanced nutrition will have on the way we look and feel. Whilst many people aim to increase fitness levels, toning up and weight loss, Elain gets the biggest buzz from seeing clients feel the additional benefits such as reduced stress levels, increased energy and a refreshed positive approach to life.

Elain has been truly converted after experiencing all of these gains and more for herself and thrives from the challenge of reproducing that in others.

In particular, Elain's passion is in creating challenging, interesting and varied sessions that elicit change and results and that are enjoyable while remaining the fitness professional she is in order to maintain the enthusiasm and commitment necessary for long term habitual change in you.

Elain believes training outdoors provides a particularly good inspirational setting - whatever the weather and by embracing the great outdoors, it has an amazing impact on the 'feel good' endorphins you will feel afterwards.

Whatever your preferences or goals, be it Health, Fitness or Diet, Elain's energy and commitment to working with her clients as individuals is contagious and will help you to achieve a more positive and a more energised lifestyle as well as a fitter, healthier You with results that will last.

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