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Sports Injury Treatment in Leicestershire and Rutland

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Injury rehabilitation:

following the comprehensive assessment of your mobility, strength, balance and proprioception, a progressive exercise based program will be initiated, alongside the use of massage, heat and cryotherapy techniques; putting you back on the road to recovery and personal potential.

Sports Therapy aids the restoration of movement, function and strength during recovery. Rehabilitation specific to your sport will assist an early return to activity. Sports related injuries benefit from early intervention; this prevents an acute injury from becoming chronic and helps to ensure that further problems do not arise.

All levels of athletes can be catered for from elite to recreational. Some common injuries within the general population are:

 Ankle Sprains
 Knee ligament / Cartilage Injury
 Patello-Femoral (Knee Cap) Problems
 Running Injuries
 Direct Injury from Contact Sport
 Shoulder Pain from Throwing / Overhead Activity
 Tennis / Golfers Elbow
 Biomechanical Assessment of Overuse Injury

Back, neck and shoulder pain:

The majority of spinal complaints are not serious and have a “mechanical” origin.  Sports Therapy offers exercise based treatment for specific problems, taylored exercise plans and effective advice for self-management and future prevention.

 Posture related complaints
 Acute joint problems
 Chronic (long term) problems
 Degenerative conditions (spondylosis, arthrosis)
 Sacro-iliac Joint (SIJ) dysfunction

RSI (repetitive strain injury):

RSI is a term that describes a collection of conditions resulting from overuse of individual tissues. Management involves treatment of the local source of symptoms, but more importantly correcting the origin and nature of the overuse, to provide effective preventative care.

 Pain and problems arising from any repetitive activity
 Work related
 Hobby related
 Postural Pain syndromes


Many painful conditions result from prolonged static positions and therefore stresses placed on the body. Management of acute symptoms and advice / exercise promotes long-term prevention.

 Assessment of posture related problems
 Advice on ergonomics / work station management / lifting etc.
 Exercise and activity modification
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